Google Tasks Backup is shutting down on 20 October 2019

Google Tasks Backup will cease operation on 20 October 2019. For reasons, please read the Shutdown Notice

Since I am shutting down GTB, I do not intend to verify this app, so you may see a page displaying "This app isn't verified" when you sign in or authenticate.

This app is still safe to use. Just click on the "Advanced" link under "This app isn't verified", and then click on the link to "Go to"

Tasks Backup can be used to export or display Google Tasks
This application uses Google authentication to access your Tasks data. The permission for this application will be displayed as "Tasks Backup" in your list of Authorised Sites, Apps, and Services, and can be revoked there at any time.
In order to use this application to export or display your tasks, you must be signed in:
Authorising, please wait (this may take up to one minute) ...

Cookies must be enabled to use Tasks Backup

If you believe this to be an error, please report error 'ECDW' using one of the error reporting links below