NOTICE: Some time after early February 2019, the Google Tasks server changed the order in which tasks are returned, which broke how GTB handles subtasks.

Prior to 27 March 2019, GTB may not have included all subtasks in most export formats.

Prior to 27 March 2019, the only GTB export formats which included all subtasks were;

If you have used any other export formats prior to 27 Mar 2019, those backups may not contain subtasks.

Any exports after 27 Mar 2019 should now include all subtasks. If you experience any issues, please report a bug as per the instructions at the bottom of this page.

Google Tasks Backup can be used to export or display Google Tasks
This application uses Google authentication to access your Tasks data. The permission for this application will be displayed as "Google Tasks Backup - Tasks" in your list of Authorised Sites, Apps, and Services, and can be revoked there at any time.